Control – the most comfortable knife ever! reddot design award winner 2006

get to grips with them.

Control has been developed by our parent company Fiskars, and won a prestigious red dot design award in 2006. A great choice for any cook or aspiring chef!
The lightweight, ergonomically-shaped handles fit comfortably into the hand. They’re safe because they include a large finger stop and soft grip which provide superior comfort and help prevent hands from slipping. The ultra-sharp taper ground blades are made from high quality Japanese steel for long-lasting excellence.

Control bread knife

Bread Knife
Code 603005
Its long scalloped edge slices bread & cake perfectly.

Control carving knife

Carving Knife
Code 603006
Its blade is specially designed for the smooth carving of meat & poultry.

Control large cooks knife

Large Cook’s Knife
Code 603004
Its traditional high blade is ideal for chopping & dicing meat, herbs, fruit & vegetables.

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Control asian cook’s knife

Asian Cook’s Knife
Code 603010
Its Santuko Japanese style blade is perfect for chopping & dicing vegetables.


Small Asian Cook’s Knife
Code: 603014
Its Santuko Japanese style blade is perfect for chopping and slicing vegetables.

Control small cook’s knife

Small Cook’s Knife
Code 603003
This versatile knife is great for fruit & vegetables.

Control Multi-Purpose Knife

Multi-Purpose Knife
Code 603002
Its wide serrations easily cut through tomatoes & soft fruit with a thick skin

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Control vegetable knife

Vegetable Knife
Code 603000
It’s ideal for salads, vegetables & fruit.


Curved Paring Knife
Code: 603013
Its small curved blade is great for peeling and slicing fruit and vegetables.

Control paring knife

Paring Knife
Code 603001
Its small blade is great for peeling & slicing fruit & vegetables.

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Control kitchen scissors

Kitchen Scissors
Code 603011
Its serrations on both blades make easy work of meat, fish & herbs.

Control kitchen shear

Kitchen Shear
Code 603012
Its serrations on both blades make easy work of meat, fish & herbs.

Control sharpening steel

Sharpening Steel
Code 603007
It’s perfect for maintaining a sharp cutting edge on your knives.

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Control carving fork

Carving Fork
Code 603009
Its long prongs hold meat securely for carving.


Control Carving Set
Code: 603016
This carving knife and fork set is ideal for controlled and easy carving of meat and poultry.


Control Starter Set
Code: 603017
A multi purpose collection of handy knives featuring a paring knife, multi-purpose knife and small cook’s knife.

Control knife block set

Knife Block Set
Code 603015
A great selection of knives to meet all needs featuring paring, vegetable, small cook’s, bread and carving knives.

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