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Perfect for everyday use, this versatile range makes an excellent choice. Including a variety of serrated, scalloped and hollow
ground blades, each knife offers great value for money.
The handles are comfortable and hygienic because they are moulded onto the blade so that food can’t get trapped. They provide a good balance and a secure, safe grip. The blades are super sharp and made from stainless steel for long lasting sharpness.

kitchen devils carving knife

Carving Knife
Code 602008
Its blade is specially designed for the smooth carving of meat & poultry.

kitchen devils roast meat & bread knife
Roast Meat & Bread Knife
Code 602007
It’s serrated on one side for meat, scalloped on the other for bread & the tip acts as a prong.

Kitchen Devils bread knife

Bread Knife
Code 602006
Its long scalloped edge slices bread & cake perfectly.


All Purpose Knife
Code: 602025
Its long scalloped edge and serrated tip provide the versatility to effectively cut into and slice bread, soft fruit and vegetables.

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Kitchen Devils cooks knife

Cook’s Knife
Code 602005
Its broad, plain edge is ideal for chopping & dicing herbs, meat, fruit & vegetables.

Kitchen Devils utility knife

Utility Knife
Code 602004
This extremely versatile knife is great for fruit & vegetables.

Kitchen Devils tomato knife

Tomato Knife
Code 602022
Its wide serrations easily cut through tomatoes & soft fruit with a thick skin.

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Kitchen Devils kitchen knife

Kitchen Knife
Code 602003
Its slender, tapered blade is ideal for salads, vegetables & fruit.

Kitchen Devils multi-purpose knife

Multi-Purpose Knife
Code 602002
Its fine serrations slice vegetables & fruit easily.

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Kitchen Devils peeler and paring knife

Peeler/Paring Knife
Code 602001
A paring knife with a detachable peeler that’sgreat for peeling & slicing fruit or vegetables.

Kitchen Devils vegetable knife

Vegetable Knife
Code 602000
It’s handy for peeling & slicing fruit or vegetables.

Kitchen Devils swivel peeler

Swivel Peeler
Code 602010
Its swivel blade makes it easy to peel vegetables & fruit.

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Kitchen Devils Sharpening Steel

Sharpening Steel
Code 602009
It’s perfect for maintaining a sharp cutting edge on your knives.

Kitchen Devils Super Sharpener

Super Sharpener
Code 602011
A quick & handy knife sharpener.

Kitchen Devils Rollsharp Sharpener

Rollsharp Sharpener
Code 602012
Its ceramic wheel makes sharpening easy & very safe.

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Kitchen Devils All Purpose Scissors

All Purpose Scissors
Code 602013
Perfect for cutting paper, string & other lightweight jobs around the home.

Kitchen Devils Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen Scissors
Code 602014
Its serrations on both blades make easy work of meat, fish & herbs.

Kitchen Devils Household Scissors

Household Scissors
Code 602015
Great for general use around the home.

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Kitchen Devils Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic Knife Rack
Code 602016
It provides safe, handy storage for your knives and scissors.

Kitchen Devils Carving Set

Carving Set
Code 602017
This carving knife & fork set is great for controlled & easy carving of meat.

Kitchen Devils Starter Set

Starter Set
Code 602023
A multi-purpose set of handy knives featuring a paring knife, multi-purpose knife and roast meat & bread knife.

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Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Knifeblock
Knife Block Set
Code 602019
A great selection of knives to meet all needs featuring vegetable, paring, multi-purpose, bread and carving knives, plus kitchen scissors.

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